Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai

Asia University (AU) is a dynamic higher education institution with great vision. Currently, there are 6 colleges, 22 departments, 25 master degree programs, and 5 Ph. D. programs.

In the past nine years, Asia University had excellent academic performances and was ranked as the first in many higher education evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE). It was not only evaluated in a nationwide university assessment as the best in the group of newly-established universities, but also granted an honored project of university teaching excellency for four consecutive years. Furthermore, all the departments have passed a rigorous department-level evaluation by the MOE recently.

Our professors and students received many awards in different fields. For example, our founder and also a professor of our university, Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai, has received an award for medical contributions from the president of our country. And one of the students of the Department of Social Work, Zheng-Han Liu, received a President Education Award. Furthermore, with outstanding performances in moral education, physical education and internationalization, AU was selected by the MOE as a model university in these aspects.

In this dynamic and fast changing society, we are facing many challenges, for instance, birth rate decline, climate changes, energy crisis, hunger problems, conflict and diseases. AU will continue to progress to meet the need of the society. According to each student potential, our school will develop new program to enhance students’ learning and career planning. In addition, we will pursue academic research, especially on interdisciplinary studies, to make impact to the society.

Due to the invention of internet and web services, the world has already become a global village. We will continue to recruit international students and create a multi-culture learning environment for our students through our excellent education and research program. We will also follow our motto: health, care, innovation, and excellence, to educate our students. I believe that with the efforts of our staff, AU will become a world-class university!


Ph. D. in Computer Science at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Current Position

President, Asia University
Chair Professor, Asia University
Honorary Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago


President, Asia University
Professor of Computer Science
Director of Distributed Real-Time Intelligent Systems Lab. at University of Illinois at Chicago
Professor, Tulane University
Chair Professor, National Chiao Tung University
Chair Professor, China Medical University
Visiting Professor, Stanford University
Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
Vice President, Mid-America Chinese Science and Technology Association
Chairman, IEEE Computer Society Multimedia Computing Technical Committee
Advisor, Institute for Information Industry
Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Lab., U.S.A.