Asia University Insignia

The main focus of the university is on “Health Science.” The Green Cross at the center of the Insignia stands for “College of Health Science.”

The Quill Pen is a symbol of “College of Arts and Sciences,” and it also relates to the educational goal of “College of Management,” which strives to enhance the professional knowledge of its students in both intellectual and spiritual development.

The CD represents “College of Computer Science,” and it symbolizes to successfully integrate technology and resources within the university.

The blue laurel leaves represent “College of Creative Design”. Laurel leaves refer to glory and victory in Greco-Roman period. The goals of this College are to nurture the professional designers in Cultural Creative Industry, and to bring new blood to win an honorable victory for Taiwan’s competitive power.

The Gable, Pillars, Portico represent our campus design: the characteristics of the Greek and Romanesque architectures, such as Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric pillars. All in all, our ultimate aim in campus design is to develop a “Garden University” with evergreen shrubs and seasonal flowers.