Being evaluated to be the best new university in 2005, leading the other new universities

In the 2005 evaluation of all universities in Taiwan conducted by the Ministry of Education, Asia University was evaluated to be No. 1 in the third group of universities (new universities), with six items of achievements (science, engineering, internationalization, extension education, student affairs, & administrative supports) being recognized as excellent.

Being promoted to the university level in 2005 with a speed record

Owing to excellency in education achievements, this school, originally a college, was promoted by the Ministry of Education to be the university level named "Asia University" with a new record of speed in Taiwan (taking only 4 years).

Being granted honorable Teaching Excellency Promotion Project by the Ministry of Education

Asia University has been granted by the Ministry of Education an honorary Project of Teaching Excellency to set up leading professional labs, purchase sufficient software and hardware facilities, conduct advance researches, and provide good supports for teachers and students.

A private university with a strong faculty rivaling national universities

With no more lecturers appointed, the quality of the university faculty is highly improved in the recent two years. More than 80% of the faculty are now assistant professors or higher, rivaling the faculty qualities of many national universities in Taiwan. There are many chair and honorary professors, forming a very strong academic circle in the campus.

Incomparable campus buildings with elegant and artistic Greek and Romanian styles

Asia University continuously constructs buildings with elegant Greek or Romanian styles. There are three lily ponds and various plants in the campus, forming a garden university with cherry blossoms in Spring, lily flowers in Summer, Hong Kong orchids in Autumn, and full-blown roses in Winter. The atrium of each building is decorated with green vines.

Establishment of forward-looking departments reflecting society's needs and world's trend

Serious consideration was taken in the establishment of the departments in the university to reflect the needs of the era, in order to cultivate students with competitiveness after graduation.

Emphasis of unique internship and special course programs in each department

  Each department has its own unique course and internship programs to cultivate students with unique professions. Before graduation, students have to take the internship in related companies to get familiar with the market and put into practice of what they have learned.

Colorful student clubs for you to have fun in the university

There are 79 student clubs in the campus, including sports clubs and artistic clubs for your choice. The interesting and fulfilled activities help you learn the interactive and team spirits to enrich your university life.

Attainable rich and various scholarships for you to apply

We have many scholarships to help you finish your studies and carry out your dreams. There are also many part-time jobs for you to find financial supports in the campus.

Offering of a leadership development program to cultivate future leaders

Students can apply to take the leadership development program, which provides various benefits, including intensive language training, leadership courses, overseas visits, and international exchanges. Each student finishing the program will be given a certificate of leadership development.

Frequent international exchanges attracting international students

Asia University has English-instructed master degree programs for international students as well as international joint-degree programs. There are about 224 international students now studying in the campus. Foreign university students also come to Asia university to take credited courses with Taiwan flavors.

Renowned faculty members cultivating a superb school and obtaining many academic awards

Asia University hires many senior and chair professors from national universities, who form strong teaching and research mentoring system to lead junior professors. Their academic performances are very outstanding and rewarding. They encourage many graduates to continue their further studies in national universities.

Convenient transportation to vicinity and downtown areas

Asia University is conveniently connected to many transportation routes, including No. 1 & No. 3 Expressways, Chung-Chang & Chung-To Highways, as well as No. 3 Provincial Road. It takes only 20 minutes to the Taichung City by No. 100 City Bus.

Modern dormitories for convenient campus life

There are four new dormitories with the Internet and other convenient facilities for comfortable campus life. New-coming students are guaranteed to live in the dormitories. A dormitory service division in the office of the Dean of General affairs has been set up to help students. There are also many student social activities held in the dormitories.

Sincere university management and thoughtful care of students

Asia University emphasizes the importance of the service and learning program as well as the general education. It is hoped to cultivate students with broad minds and global views. The campus design is very artistic and delicate. The president regularly holds meetings with students and answers their e-mails and questions to take care of their needs full-heartedly.

Well-organized board of directors with stable financial supports to the university

The founder of Asia University is Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai is a sincere education expert. He is also the Board Chairman of China Medical University and its associated hospital. He was appointed as Advisor to the President of our country. Asia University has great vision, sincere management attitude, a well-organized board of directors, and stable finance. To establish a world-famous distinguished university like Harvard is our ultimate goal, and we are on the way!

Fast establishment of five college-coordinated Ph. D. degree programs

With the strong faculty and well-organized curricula, Asia University has been approved to establish five Ph. D. degree programs (Computer Science, Healthcare Administration, Bioinformatics, Business Administration, and Digital Media Design) by the Ministry of Education in nine years. This is a great honor and a new record for newly-established universities.

Offering complete degree programs for continuous education

Right now Asia University has 22 undergraduate, 17 master, and 5 doctoral degree programs, forming a complete system for students to seek continuous higher education degrees. Quality-guaranteed teaching and research in the departments cultivate good students who are recruited by many other domestic and foreign universities.

Providing well-equipped labs for high-quality teaching and research

Every department has established multiple labs with good equipments to support high-quality teaching and multiple-purpose research. The good research environment also promotes the professors' and students' innovation in research activities. Many research achievements of the university are leading in Taiwan and in the world.

Emphasizing cooperation with the industry to increase job opportunities for students

Departments in this university emphasize cooperation with the industry to offer internship for the students. This also promotes creation of jobs for the students at the companies where students have been trained. To take care of such student training and job-seeking works, the university has also established a center for learning and career development.