From campus to Taichung Railway Station in downtown Taichung:
Taichung City Bus 100 commutes from the center of the Taichung City (Taichung Railway Station) to the campus, and this takes about 30 minutes.
The two-way bus stations are on the two road sides about at the entrance of the university.

From campus to Taiwan High Speed Rail - Taichung Station:
To reach the Taichung Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), take Taichung Bus 100 to Taichung Railway Station (as described in A1 above), and then take a train from there to the THSR Taichung Station (also called New Wurih Station).
Alternatively, you may take the inter-school shuttle bus to reach the THSR Taichung Station. For the time table of this bus, click Bus & Train Timetables.

From campus to Taoyuan International Airport:
To go to Taoyuan International Airport, try to reach Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) - Taichung Station first by the way of A2 described above, and then take a train there to THSR Taoyuan Station where shuttle buses to Taoyuan International Airport are available.
Alternatively, you may go to Taichung Railway Station by the way of A1 described above, take then a train of Taiwan Railways there directly to its Taoyuan Station, and take finally a bus from that station to Taoyuan International Airport.